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The Sixth Annual Portland Fashion & Style Awards

The Portland Mercury – Nov 22, 2017

“I was touched when the winner for Best Salon SW, Mascola’s Salon, remarked in her acceptance speech that she’d been in business for 50 years and had passed the torch down to her daughters who were keeping it going. It’s these types of small business stories that we seldom get to hear, yet define our city…”




Southwest Portland’s best salon is in LO

Mascola’s Salon earns top honor at the Portland Fashion and Style Awards. Salon has roots going back five generations.

The Lake Oswego Review – Nov 16, 2017

“Mascola’s Salon was nominated for the award by an anonymous admirer. Then in the second round of the process, Mascola’s clients called in to the Fashion and Style Awards team to express their appreciation for the salon…”