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Cindy Dolin

Sometimes when a guest is sitting in my chair, they ask, “So how did you become a stylist?” I usually answered with a vague story about going to college studying clothing/textiles/art and at the end of the first year, just not feeling it, but not yet sure of what I did want to do. So, took the summer off and then decided to go to Beauty College…, and well, here I am.

I never really got the root of my passion until a recent visit from my sister produced an “Ahaa” moment. She said to me, “Growing up, I was always envious of your natural artistic talent.” Coming from her, who is a very talented artist in her own right, made me contemplate her statement a bit more deeply.I was able to see clearly that I had been on a path, a search for that outlet of my given artistic talents, that I genuinely had a passion for. That search ended when I discovered the art of creating with hair.

I come from a very talented artistic family. My Grandfather the wood carver, my Dad the designer of homes, my Mom the oil painter, my Sister the mixed media guru (which I am honored and proud to display at my station), and my Daughter the multi-talented artist who shares those talents with a classroom full of children.

So, to be creative comes naturally and just as they found their passion to express themselves, I found mine in hair.

Lucky me, my art isn’t displayed on walls, it projects itself in how my clients feel. What I do can make a person feel many things…., confident, sexy, handsome, pretty, sassy, classy, stylish, individual, unique.., the list goes on. Along with this comes a great responsibility, which I totally get. Like it or not, our hair can totally make or break a day. Knowing this, I take my profession very seriously. Listening to my clients and really hearing them is key to me. Someone sitting in my chair and telling me “I am ready for a change” can mean very different things for different people. Figuring out what that means to that particular individual and communicating those ideas with my guests is what I pride myself in.

So now, when I am asked the question.., I respond with “My artistic passion brought me to hair styling, the smiles my passion can bring to my guests is what continues to drive me and motivate me. I am blessed to do what I love.

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