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  • Cheryl Mascola, Owner / Stylist & Color SpecialistCheryl Mascola - Owner / Stylist & Color Specialist

    Cheryl Mascola knew at 12 years old that she was passionate about making people feel beautiful. That... (read more)

  • Kristi Becker, Stylist / Mngr, Daughter & Goldwell Color SpecialistKristi Becker - Stylist / Mngr, Daughter & Goldwell Color Specialist

    I have been a stylists in the Portland area for 17 years. 15 of those 17 years have been at... (read more)

  • Jennifer Williams, Stylist/ Daughter & Goldwell Color SpecialistJennifer Williams - Stylist/ Daughter & Goldwell Color Specialist

    Jennifer is a Stylist at Mascola's Salon and a member of the Mascola Family.

  • Steven Mascola, Stylist / Brother & Redken Color SpecialistSteven Mascola - Stylist / Brother & Redken Color Specialist

    Steven is a Stylist & Redken Color Specialist at Mascola's Salon. He is also a Mascola's family... (read more)

  • Karene Knox, Stylist/Asst. Mngr./Keune Color SpecialistKarene Knox - Stylist/Asst. Mngr./Keune Color Specialist

    I have  been a licensed professional for the past 24 years. I have been at Mascola's Salon for... (read more)

  • Nicole  Peterson, StylistNicole Peterson - Stylist

    I've been licensed in hair and esthetics since 1995, but my passion for the hair industry began way... (read more)

  • Shannon Stringham, The Hair ExpertShannon Stringham - The Hair Expert

    Shannon is a Stylist at our salon.

  • Michele Wade, Stylist & Redken Color SpecialistMichele Wade - Stylist & Redken Color Specialist

    I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, and I still have a passion for styling hair. I... (read more)

  • Aimee  Anderson, Stylist & Keune Color SpecialistAimee Anderson - Stylist & Keune Color Specialist

    Aimee is a Stylist at our salon.

  • Tisha Jo Marquart, Stylist & Color SpecialistTisha Jo Marquart - Stylist & Color Specialist

    I have been in the industry as a hairstylist for 14 years and I am just as excited to be a part of... (read more)

  • Maria Garcia, StylistMaria Garcia - Stylist

    Maria is a Stylist at our salon.

  • Bonnie  Monlux, AestheticianBonnie Monlux - Aesthetician

      ... (read more)

  • Faye Zimmer, Stylist / Chi Certified EducatorFaye Zimmer - Stylist / Chi Certified Educator

    My name is Faye and I have been a licensed hairstylist in the Portland area for many years and at... (read more)

  • Angela  Reed, StylistAngela Reed - Stylist

    I have worked as an "Independent Stylist" within the Portland-Metropolitan area since 1981... (read more)

  • Terra Barker, Stylist & Keune Color SpecialistTerra Barker - Stylist & Keune Color Specialist

    I have been a stylist for 5 years now. My #1 priority is to please my clients. I focus on coming up... (read more)

  • Grace Shimer, StylistGrace Shimer - Stylist

    ... (read more)

  • Nagi Golestaneh, Stylist/Goldwell Color SpecialistNagi Golestaneh - Stylist/Goldwell Color Specialist

      ... (read more)

  • Julia Johnson, Stylist & Ammonia Free Color SpecialistJulia Johnson - Stylist & Ammonia Free Color Specialist

    I have been a hairstylist for more than 30 years, and I love what I do! I think it's all about... (read more)

  • Cindy Dolin, StylistCindy Dolin - Stylist

    Sometimes when a guest is sitting in my chair, they ask, "So how did you become a... (read more)

  • Nasrin (Patti)  Douraghi, StylistNasrin (Patti) Douraghi - Stylist

    Nasrin "Patti" is a Stylist at our salon.

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